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Frshly Squeezd

Let's get you hired.

Frshly Squeezd is an online network of students, graduates and freelancers who are in search of their recipe for success. Frshly Squeezd provides you with the only kind of juicy job-related content you need. Our cup overflows with up-to-date internships and jobs for you, online resources to help you boss your interviews, and no-BS advice for getting (and staying) hired.


Clamp Agency

Optimising groundbreaking businesses.

Clamp Agency creates brands that can’t be ignored. We are an independent design agency that spends every moment crafting the best experience possible for each of our clients, using the best and latest technology to amplify their businesses. We build for the future and deliver creative solutions that work, every time.


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Code Collabs

Global collaboration, in the name of developing and coding.

Code Collabs is an international community aimed at enhancing opportunities for people within the technology sector during the earlier stages of their careers. We inspire our community of technological thinkers to reach their potential through collaboration via our programmes; including hackathons, mentorships, online/offline events, competitions and challenges.



Making remote work easy

A new way of working is here. Remotely makes remote working efficient and realistic.. Optimise your workflow by integrating project tasks with your favourite calendar and project management software allowing you to set breaks using scientifically proven methods, such as the pomodoro technique.


Clamp Academy

All-in-one, or bite-sized but in manageable chunks.

Learn from our experienced professionals on how to level up your skills and take yourself to the next level. Think of us like socks rather than shoes, one size fits all learning is pretty pointless to us so we made it adaptable so you can learn in your own time, at your own pace.